How to fix your iTunes library with TuneUp

I have an iPhone and iPod and naturally I use iTunes to manage my music library through these devices. I am a neat person but for some reason until some week ago a lot of my tracks was mislabeled, without the album cover, hard to find and I didn't have the patience to fix them manually. So I searched for a solutions and I found TuneUp a great application for Mac and Windows that helped me clean and maintain neat my iTunes library searching for missing or inaccurate ID3 tags in my mp3 files. I bought a license some and the result has been really impressive.

TuneUp docks on the side of iTunes to make organizing your music easy. The only thing you have to do is to drag the track you want to fix into the TuneUp sidebar and the application fixes automatically your mislabeled music.

The Cover Art feature automatically searches your entire music collection for music files that are missing album artwork and fixes them. Cover Art lets you review all matches before the album art is saved to the file. Or you can take our first pick and "Save All." Now you can navigate iTunes using Cover Flow the way it was meant to be used.

Here is a screenshot of my iTunes library (click to enlarge)

TuneUp also enhance your listening experience with the Tuniverse feature that supplies you with the best music content on the web that's directly related to the track you're currently listening to in iTunes.

You can also stay tuned with the latest news of your favorite artists and buy tickets in just one click with the Concert feature.

TuneUp is available in two different options: a lifetime ($29.95) license or yearly license (price $19.95). You can also try a free version that cleans 100 songs and 50 album covers. I suggest you to try it!

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