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HR Carnival: Feeding vs Obsolescence


   Welcome to the new HR carnival, returning to Strategic HCM for the sixth time, and featuring a great mix of HR blogs from around the world including Malaysia, India and Abu Dhabi, as well as the UK and the US (where I currently am, having just driven up from a technology vendor’s meeting in Fort Myers to the Bersin Impact conference in St Petersburg).

We’ll start with eleven posts focusing on leadership and individual effectiveness, a number of which have a particular focus on the requirements to be an effective HR practitioner.

There’s also a repeated focus here on the need for people to keep themselves fed with new knowledge, hence the theme I have extracted for this carnival, and which I guess is what the HR carnival is all about – feeding vs obsolescence:


We’re then onto eight more posts on what HR actually needs to do to be effective, including recruiting, learning, talent management, and the use of employee surveys and metrics:


I hope you enjoy the posts, and thanks to all contributors.  More information about future carnivals can be found here.

I’ll be blogging from the Bersin conference later on today, and tomorrow as well, and continuing my series on challenges and opportunities for talent managers on Friday and into next week…


Picture credit: St Pete’s Best Guide

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