The Talent Management Summit – how to win your free tickets!


   I’ve been promising you the opportunity to win a free place to the Economist’s talent management summit on 14th June.

Well, the sub-title for the 2012 summit is ‘the next generation of leaders’ (global, female, net generation and so on) and one of the things I’m hoping to see evidence of is some ‘next generation of talent management strategies’.

I believe that if we’re trying to create something different – and we certainly need to – then we need to think, act and behave in different ways as well.  This means we need substantially different HR / HCM / talent management processes and practices to be put in place.

So, this year’s ticket competition, open to all talent management practitioners, is going to be pretty simple – what are you doing / what are you already planning to do (/ I might even be prepared to take a look at what you’d love to do if…) – in order to recruit, manage or develop your next generate talent – that involves a degree of uniqueness, creativity and innovation?

The best two entries get to go along with me to the summit.


How to enter?

Well, you can either email me at: info [at] strategic [dash] hcm [dot] com.  Or you can add your entry in the comments below.  The advantage of doing this is that other readers may comment on your entries to – and if there’s a sufficient groundwell I’ll decide on the winning entries based upon these comments as well as my own judgements.  But I will need to know how to contact you.

No word limits or anything like that, and creativity in how you submit your entries, as well as their content, will be welcomed!

I’ll include the winning two entries as posts on my blog, and if possible, would like to encourage the two winners to add posts on their reflections on the summit too.

The deadline for entries will be 31st May.

Any questions? – ask below.


Oh, and if you don’t win, or for some reason don’t want to enter (and I might add that odds of winning a £1,300 prize, and great one day learning and networking experience, are probably going to be amazingly good!) then do remember that you can still get a 15% discount by quoting SHCM when you book.



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